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The data found here mainly comes from the support and contributions of the people listed below. We are grateful for the information they gave and the ideas they shared and they deserve credits for such.

This site is updated regularly with information and images received via email or any other medium possible. If we failed to acknowledge your contribution please contact us as soon as possible so we can revise this page accordingly.

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Name Contribution to the NABARRO Family Tree Project
Jeffrey Adler For his genealogy research on Some of The Descendants of Abraham Navarro Nu˜nes of Amsterdam (1567?–1645) and Related Families and other additional ideas for this project. He descends from David Adler and Barbara Teick.
Suki Nabarro For the info, photos, and documents especially in the Andrew Nabarro (b.1910 - I532) family branch. She descends from Anthony Nabarro and Joan Mulholland.
David Michael Nabarro For the surnames and birthdates of his siblings. He descends from Alan Nabarro and Elizabeth Mulholland.
Roger Hayim For the personal information of the Hayim family. He descends from Wendy Nabarro and Roger Hayim.
Ruth Deverell For her children, Zach Nunes Nabarro and Eliza Nancy Nunes Nabarro. She is the wife of Leo Rupert Nunes Nabarro who descends from David Joseph Nunes Nabarro and Victoria Owen.
Kayleigh Nabarro For the family info of the Bertie Nabarro (b. 1927 - I438 ) family branch. She descends from Kevin Nabarro and Wendy Joseph.
Simon Andrew Nabarro For his children Sophie Beatrice and Jack Michael Nabarro and their lovely photos. He descends from Michael Nabarro and Pearl Jacobs.

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