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101 Andre Gold was a dancer. GOLD, Andre (I409)
102 Andrew Nabarro won a George Medal in the Fire Service during World War Two. He and his wife lives in Portsmouth. Family F262
103 Andrew won a George Medal in Fire Service during WWII. Lives in Portsmouth. NABARRO, Andrew (I532)
104 Anita Irene Nabarro is an honorary Justice of Peace. She and her family lived in Billericay. Family F228
105 Anja Kleen was born in Poland but moved to Israel in 1958 at the age of 2 (so it is assumed that she was born in 1956). KLEEN, Anja (I694)
106 Apparently lists everything known about everyone in Recife. Available in the Newberry Library, Ayer collection, catalogue number F2601 .M4315 1989. Source (S10)
107 Archive Title: Partita for brass quintet Euphonic Sounds arr. Nabarro PJBE/14/Nabarro 1970-1973

These documents are held at Royal Northern College of Music (6 items)

Scores, with 4 letters from Malcolm Nabarro to PJ. Ensemble 
NABARRO, Malcolm D. (I400)
108 Archive Title: W. Hume-Rothery to Lawrence Bragg W.L. BRAGG/59A/85 25 Oct. 1949
These documents are held at Royal Institution of Great Britain


Agreed to support [W.] Hume-Rothery's application for [F.R.N.] Nabarro without properly considering other possible applicants [for Beilby Memorial Award]. Comments on Nabarro's work; thinks his main achievement is the theory of the hardness of solid solutions. Difficult to compare Nabarro with H. Jones has done one important thing - the explanation of the Hume-Rothery rule; since then his work has been disappointing. Nabarro is an active, valuable member of a group which is putting a real experimental and mathematical basis behind the dislocation theory.

NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes (I1074)
109 Archive:

Temasek Design School?s DESIGN UNPLUGGED presents A Workshop with Ron Nabarro, Monday 4th September 2006 from 9.30am ? 5.30pm at 3rd level, Multi-purpose Room 1

Design Unplugged, once again is bringing to you, a very special event in the form of a design workshop on ?Age Friendly Design? by renowned proponent of design for the elderly, Prof. Ron Nabarro from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

His principle areas of interest are research design for the third age and the elderly, user interface and usability, design education; design management, green design. He is a frequent presenter in design conferences and seminars and the writer of articles on design management, design for the elderly, consumer values and green design for business periodicals and business daily papers. Coincidentally, DFA (Design for Aging) is also a TDS initiative for the year 2007 where we will, as a design school, look into the study of gerontology with practical design outcomes, exploring new opportunities to foster design innovation so as to enhance the built environment and quality of life for our aging society. Prof. Nabarro has done a substantial amount of work in this particular area and it is fortuitous that he is currently in town as a judge in the current Red Dot design competition.

Professor Ron Nabarro is a Professor of Industrial design at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, where he is the head of the graduate program in Industrial Design and Design Management. Prior to joining the Institute, he was Dean of the School of Design and Art at the Holon Academic Institute of Technology. He was also an executive board member of ICSID (the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) from 1999 to 2003. He has been a practicing designer since 1970, Founder and director of Innovation Design ltd.(1973), founder and director of Design4all (2001) and co-founder and co-director of Senior-Touch ltd (2003).

His workshop is on Monday 4th September 2006 from 9.30am ? 5.30pm at 3rd level, multi-purpose room 1, will be very useful in the area of DFA.
NABARRO, Ron (I645)
110 Arrival in Ellis Island, USA

Ethnicity: Holland, Dutch
Last Place of Residence: Watergraafs Meer, Holland
Date of Arrival: Dec 18, 1919
Age at Arrival: 31y
Gender: M
Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Rotterdam
Port of Departure: Rotterdam, Holland
Manifest Line Number: 0028
NABARRO, Jesaia Nunes (I628)
111 Asher's brother Bernard married his wife's sister Leah. COHEN, Asher (I1061)
112 Audrey Nabarro currently lives in Portsmouth, UK. Audrey (I1239)
113 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F140
114 Author of the book THE LAWS OF HEALTH (1905) NABARRO, Dr. David Nunes (I809)
115 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F274
116 Based on Holocaust Database, he existed in the -
Claims Conference, Hungary
Code: 129872
Doc code: 329  
NABARRO, Simon (I514)
117 Benjamin Herbert Seixas was married and had six children. SEIXAS, Benjamin Herbert (I1467)
118 Benjamin Nabarro plays worldwide as soloist and chamber musician. He appears regularly at international festivals such as Cheltenham, the BBC Proms, Aldeburgh, Schleswig-Holstein, Edinburgh, Bucharest, Hanover and Bullawayo (Zimbabwe).

During recent years he has given concerto performances of works by Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Elgar, Sibelius, Leighton and Piazzolla. Benjamin has appeared as director, soloist and leader of the English Chamber Orchestra and also performed Rimsky-Korsakov?s Scheherazade with the Philharmonia Orchestra under Charles Dutoit.

Duo partners have included Philip Moore and Leslie Howard, as well as the Ensemble?s Daniel Tong.

As well as his membership of the Ensemble, Benjamin was recently appointed violinist of Ensemble 360. He is also a regular guest of the Nash Ensemble and Fibonacci Sequence. Other recent collaborations include concerts with the cellist Adrian Brendel. Benjamin has made recordings on the Hyperion and Black Box labels. 
NABARRO, Benjamin David (I402)
119 Benjamin Nabarro was a boy prodigy trumpeter for Sir Henry Wood, but switched to the violin after being gassed in World War I. NABARRO, Benjamin (I588)
120 Benjamin Nathan Cardozo was unmarried. He served on the United States Supreme Court. CARDOZO, Benjamin Nathan (I1412)
121 Bernard's brother Asher married his wife's sister Julia. COHEN, Bernard (I1059)
122 Betty and Taylor are divorced. Family F293
123 Betty C. Nabarro uses her maiden and not her married name. NABARRO, Betty C. (I611)
124 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I814)
125 Birth: 1892 according to WW1 Registration record.
But a certain website indicates 1887 but there's no direct link to a source. 
NABARRO, Julian Sr (I2178)
126 Birthplace according to 1881 British Census: Spitalfields, Middlesex, England  NABARRO, Aron Nunes (I738)
127 Birthplace according to 1881 British Census: Spitalfields, Middlesex, England  NABARRO, Salomon Nunes (I728)
128 Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 18 June, 1946 as Robertine Aina Nunes Nabarro
Immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1952

After a few primary schools, I attended Nathan Hale Junior High School, and then Moody Junior High School. Attended Bedford High School from September 1961 to January 1964. Moved back to Holland in January 1964, right before graduation. This was a most painful and difficult time for me, I did not want to leave the USA, but had to. Holland was at least 20 years backward in those days.

Attended night school to get some kind of secondary school certificate, and worked at the front desk of the Giro Bank. Had to learn how to use basic computers and speak, read and write Dutch.

Married on 12 July, 1965 to René van Ast, cello player in Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and in The Amsterdam String Quartet

Attended VU University Amsterdam night school majoring in English language and literature. Graduated in 1969. Had two children: Matthijs Jakob on 25 September, 1967 and Jochem Barend on 17 August, 1969. Worked as translator for major newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, and various political magazines from '69 t0 '78. Took part time course Piano Tuning at the Technical College Amsterdam and passed in 1971.
Tuned pianos, as well as translate, from '71 to '78 in Holland.

Death of husband, René, in 1976. Moved to Rye, East Sussex, GB with my two children in July 1978. Worked as translator for my Dutch magazines and news papers every month, as well as a piano tuner in this little town or Rye, East Sussex. Passed 3 month course, Women in Management,at Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology, and got Certificate for all modules taken.

Passed my Heavy Goods Vehicle driving test in 1983, and drove 32 tonners with goods from England to Sicily and back. I did this for about seven years, in order to pay for my studies. In 1982 started part-time study Counseling at Hastings College of Arts and Technology, and at the College of Psychotherapy and Graduated Counseling and Relationship Counseling Rugby, GB, in 1987. Graduated from Hastings College in 1985.
Also learned Italian at Hastings College and in Palermo, Sicily, and finished my general Italian Studies in 2000. Worked as a counselor at The Samaritans, Hastings, East Sussex, GB as well as RELATE from 1983 to 1993, in English, French and Italian. Moved back to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in July, 1993. Attended Utrecht University, studied Post Doctorate Psycho-Dynamic Counseling and Transactional Analysis Counseling
Graduated in June 1995. Started my own practice, Counseling Service Amstelveen, in September 1995. Took two-year part time Post-Grad courses in hypnotherapy, psycho-analytical psychotherapy, psycho-diagnostics, psycho-pharmacy, cognitive therapy, Rogerian therapy and more. Worked for the Amsterdam Regional Mental Health Authority as psychotherapist and hypnotherapist from 1995 until 2004.
Married Willem. E. van der Sluis, surgeon and old old friend since 1968, on 18 December, 1997.
On 11 September 2004, my elder son, Matt, died very suddenly. This put my whole life on hold for a very long time. It is only now, the last three months, that I feel I that am thawing from this experience and want to start working and attending seminars, conferences and reunions again.

My website was built and up and has been running since September, 2008. 
NABARRO, Robertine Nunes (I2123)
129 Born in Nottingham, 1979, to a family of professional musicians. Formed musical roots amidst influences ranging from classical to heavy metal, and inspired by the illustrious recordings of Ella Fitzgerald to move towards jazz singing, and the attractive balance between formal structure and freedom that jazz had to offer. She has studied voice with Tina May, and completed a Music/English Bachelor of Arts degree with a major thesis on the jazz voice. Incorporating some of the finest young jazz players in the UK, she performs with her own trio and various duo partnerships and founded all female jazz trio The Number One Ladies Jazz Agency in 2005. Based in the north of UK with her partner and young family, Emma has lectured in voice at Leeds College of Music, broadcast on BBC radio and ITV, appearing in a documentary piece about her career in Feb 2006. She has recorded several CDs, including a new release (Feb '06) entitled Unphotographable.

"A jazz singing natural to rank alongside Clare Teal and Gwyn Herbert." Manchester Evening News

"A fine jazz singer and educator" Jazzwise Magazine

"Une très jolie voix, très limpide, et aussi un peu secrète." Jaques Aubelle

"Her own deeply expressive tone and delivery attracted plaudits wherever she has played" Yorkshire Evening Post

"A fresh jazz singer who floats a song lyric without losing her grip on it." Manchester Evening News

"Outstanding" Musicman Events

"you sit back and wonder how, at such a young age, Emma manages to transport you" Castaway Music

"Her precise pitch and effortless timing send shivers down the spine. Years from now people won't believe me when I tell them Emma Nabarro sang at my wedding!" Geoff Cawood
NABARRO-STEEL, Emma Joan (I403)
130 Born in the Netherlands, Professor Ron Nabarro is a designer, researcher and educator. His principle areas of research interest are in design management, design education and design for the elderly. He has been a practicing designer since 1970, having designed over 600 products.

Currently the Professor of Industrial Design at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Ron is Founder and Head of the graduate program in Industrial Design and Design Management. Prior to joining the Institute, Ron was Dean of the School of Design and Art at the Holon Academic Institute of Technology. In addition, Ron is the founder and director of Innovation by Design Ltd (1973), design4all (2001), and he is the co-founder and president of Senior-Touch ltd (2003).

His flair for design has won him 23 design awards on both a national and international scale. Some of the many ways in which he applies his talent is through presenting design conferences and seminars, running workshop seminars and lectures in design schools around the world, and writing many articles on aspects of design management and green design among others.

Uwe Bruckner ? The Art of Taming the Instant

Uwe Bruckner is an Architect and Stage Designer. Born in Bavaria, Uwe started his career in architecture at the Technical University in Munich and went on to become a freelance architect at the office of Professor Sampo Widmann in Munich for a few years, before establishing himself as a architect and exhibition designer at the Atelier Knut Lohrer in Stuttgart, working on museums, exhibitions, installations and design.

In 1988, Uwe went to study Costume and Stage Design at the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart with Professor Jurgen Rose, working on projects from Shakespeare to Robert Wagner. In 1993, he co-founded atelierbruckner, a studio for architecture, exhibition design and scenography in Stuggart, positioning himself as the Art Director.

Throughout his work, Uwe has travelled Europe, giving lectures on his experience and talents, and has gained professorship at the University of Arts and Design Basel in Switzerland for Exhibition Design and Scenography and an invited professorship at the University of Media in Cologne, teaching on Szenpography in Media Installations.

During his career, Uwe has won many awards including the Golden World Award of IPRA 2000 in New 
NABARRO, Ron (I645)
131 Born out of wedlock. Raised by his maternal grandmother n Edmonton. STRAYCHUK(?), Terry (I421)
132 Both Aron and his wife Rebecca are deaf.  Family F338
133 Both Coleman and his wife Lilian were deaf. Family F336
134 Both Died in German Concentration Camp Bergen - Belson in 1944. Family F180
135 Both Hannah and her husband Danielle were deaf.  Family F343
136 Both Isaac and his wife Elsie are deaf. Family F339
137 Both Israel and his wife Lilian were deaf. Family F337
138 Both Millie and her husband Victor are deaf. Family F341
139 Both Rachel and David were deaf. Family F342
140 Both Rose and her husband David are deaf. Family F340
141 Both Salomon and his wife Rebecca were deaf. Family F335
142 Both were born in Amsterdam. All of their children were
born in London. Mrs. van Dam writes,

The family of my grandfather [Aron D. Nabarro] came [back] to Hollandin 1926/7. The whole family stayed in Holland until the war. Everyone but my aunt Blanche and her daughter Rachel (Ella) and I were in concentration camps. Violet and Elizabeth Ivy went back to England in about 1947. 
Family F817
143 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F415
144 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I963)
145 Burial Plot: H - L - 24  NABARRO, Masalino (I2184)
146 Burial Plot: C - F - 35 A NABARRO, Lawrence (I2187)
147 Burial Plot: H - L - 23  LEE, Kim Ling (I2210)
148 Burial Plot: J - K - 25  NABARRO, Edwin Kikino (I2183)
149 Burial Plot: K - D - 46  NABARRO, Carling Sr (I2186)
150 Burial Plot: K - E - 42  AMAR, Florentina (I2199)

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