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151 Burial:
Alae Cemetery
Hawaii County
Hawaii, USA
Plot: Section C-F-35 
NABARRO, Julian NABARRO Jr (I2185)
152 Burial:
Alae Cemetery
Hawaii County
Hawaii, USA
Plot: Section C-G-36 
NABARRO, Julian Sr (I2178)
153 Burial:
Alae Cemetery
Hawaii County
Hawaii, USA
Plot: Section C-G-37 
KAUPU, Hattie (I2179)
154 Burial:
National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
Honolulu County
Hawaii, USA
Plot: H, 588-B 
NABARRO, Robert (I2188)
155 Burial:
Private, Essex Regiment. Age: 19.
Arezzo (CWGC) War Cemetery
Toscana Region, Italy
Plot: IV B. 20.
NABARRO, Benjamin N. (I437)
156 But the birth records of some of these children give their mothers? name as ?Ethel Nabarro, ne´e Fairman. Family F201
157 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I814)
158 Carol is deaf. OLSEN, Carol (I747)
159 Carolina B. Nabarro
Ethnicity: Holland, Dutch
Last Place of Residence: Watergraafs Meer, Holland
Date of Arrival to Ellis Island, USA: Dec 18, 1919
Age at Arrival: 25y
Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Rotterdam
Port of Departure: Rotterdam, Holland
Manifest Line Number: 0029
SJOUWERMAN, Carolina "Lien" (I671)
160 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F445
161 Charles G. "Brownie" Kemp was said to have invented the football system in use today around 1920. KEMP, Charles G. (I616)
162 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F441
163 Children listed are not proven. Family F3
164 Cinema Musician; Orchestral conductor, music hall/stage, whose brother was conductor of Bournmouth Symphony Orchestra. NABARRO, Joel (I579)
165 Cissie Nussbaum was unmarried. NUSSBAUM, Cissie (I982)
166 Claimed to be a descendant of Jan hendrik van Kinsbergen, who was an Admiral Lieutenant in the Netherlands Navy. KINSBERGEN, Rachel (I335)
167 Clarence Adrian Seixas died in infancy. SEIXAS, Clarence Adrian (I1489)
168 Co-Founder and Director, Senior-Touch Ltd and Professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Ron Nabarro is a professor of Industrial design at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, where he was the founder and head of the graduate program in Industrial Design and Design Management. He was an executive board member of ICSID, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, holder of the design education portfolio (1999-2003) and acts now as an ICSID ambassador. He was dean of the School of Design and Art at the Academic Institute of Technology Holon (1998-2001).
He is a practicing designer since 1970 and designed over 600 products mostly in the field of advanced technologies. He is the Founder and director of Innovation by Design (1973), founder and director of design4all (2001), co-founder and president of Senior-Touch ltd. (2003) and design manager and co-director of Scentcom ltd. He is the recipient of 23 design awards and is acting as design coordinator for numerous international projects.

Principle areas of work, research and interest include design management, design for elderly, design education and interdisciplinary design.
Prof. Nabarro is a frequent speaker and presenter in design conferences and seminars and conducts workshops in design schools around the world. He is the writer of articles on design management, interdisciplinary design, green design and design for elderly for business periodicals and business daily papers. 
NABARRO, Ron (I645)
169 Co-Founder and Professional & Executive Director of "SHINUI: Israel Institute for Systemic Studies, Family, Personal & Organizational Change. Senior Clinical Psychologist & Family Therapy Trainer and Supervisor. Founding Director of the Advanced International Program for Systems Therapy and Supervision. Board member IFTA, Editorial Advisory Board member of "Contemporary Family Therapy" and of "Journal of Family Psychotherapy". National and International workshop presenter and teacher. Israel, USA, Canada, Europe and Scandinavia. Invited and Frequent presenter at international conferences. Ph.D (1977) CSPP, Berkeley, USA; M.S. Cal. State U.San Jose; B.A., U. of Wisconsin, Madison; Post Doctorate. at MRI, Palo Alto, and Stanford University. Major Past Trainers: Carl. Whitaker, S. Minuchin, P.Watzlawick, C. Sluzky and M. Andolfi. International Publications: Please look at RUBINSTEIN, Noga (I653)
170 Colourful Leeds estate agent Trevor Nabarro, who died aged 67 in 2002, is one of eight people whose names have been commemorated in a garden of remembrance in Donisthorpe Hall.
The garden is the idea of Donisthorpe's chairman Geoff Caplan and his wife Gill, Mr Nabarro's sister.

Mr Nabarro, who moved his office from the city centre to Moortown in 1988, specialised in the top end of the housing market.

He helped some of Leeds's most famous men and women find their dream home and was a friend to many of them.

Born in Portsmouth, he came to medical school in Leeds in the early 1950s to train as a doctor, but did not finish the course.

A brilliant musician who played saxophone, clarinet and vibraphone, the flamboyant Mr Nabarro started his own band.

Present were members of both families including Mr Nabarro's second wife Norma, his sons Simon and Toby and daughter Danielle. 
NABARRO, Trevor H. N. (I518)
171 Columbus Moise III and Harriet Louise Godfrey have no biological children listed. The children listed are adopted. Family F654
172 Consultant physician and researcher.

John made important contributions to the field of diabetes, particularly in the management of diabetic keto-acidosis and the use of oral hypoglycaemic agents and new insulins and persuaded the government to give free prescriptions for disposable syringes and blood glucose test strips.

Appointed a Trustee in May 1975; Chair of Medical and Scientific Section of The BDA; then Chair of the Charity. Vice-President from 1990. 
NABARRO, John David Nunes Sir (I812)
173 Converted to Christianity. NABARRO, Rudolph (I326)
174 Current City: Manchester, United Kingdom NABARRO, Tony (I771)
175 Daniel Solomon was killed in World War Two. SOLOMON, Daniel (I756)
176 Data is gathered from the correspondence between Jeffrey Adler and Terence Nabarro of Australia.

This is for the branch: Section 1.4 Descendants of Jacob of David Nabarro (b.1845) page 27 
Source (S98)
177 David and Beatrice lived in Norwich and had 2 sons. Family F210
178 David and Mrytle lived in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. SCOTT, Mrytle J. (I388)
179 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1065)
180 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F246
181 David is a broker. ISRAEL RICARDO, David (I234)
182 David Isaac Nunes Nabarro died in infancy. NABARRO, David Isaac Nunes (I726)
183 David N. Cardoza and Mary Atkinson and their family lived in Powjatan County, Virginia. Family F555
184 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F354
185 David Nabarro became a violinist and played at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Holland before going to England with his family in 1893. NABARRO, David Nunes (I334)
186 David Nabarro worked for the Coal Board as an electrician. NABARRO, David (I386)
187 David Nabarrro's descendants were obtained from chapter 4.1.6 Nabarro-Straus Family, which is a part of the chapter of familytree fragments in Jeff Adler's book.  NABARRO, David (I995)
188 David Nunes Nabarro became a violinist and played at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam before coming to England with his family in 1893. He was first violinist and librarian at the Alhambra Theatre, Leicester Square, and went on to become Deputy Music Director. Family F185
189 David Nunez Cardozo moved to Savannah, Georgia about 1783, and then Charleston, South Carolina in 1796. He fought in the American Revolution until he was taken as a prisoner in 1780. CARDOZO, David Nunez (I1229)
190 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I757)
191 David Uren is married and has 3 adopted children. UREN, David (I620)
192 David Valverde is blind. VALVERDE, Abraham Israel Hisquiau (I1991)
193 David was also deaf same with his brother Isaac and sister Rifka. He was unamrried. NABARRO, David (I229)
194 Death notice
Frank Reginald Nunes Nabarro

07 March 1916 - 20 July 2006
Johannesburg, South Africa
University of the Witwatersrand

Submitted by Mary Jean Scott

Published on 28 August 2006

Frank Nabarro, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, passed away on July 20, 2006 at the age of 90, after a distinguished career spanning almost seven decades. He was best known for his pioneering contributions to the theory of crystal lattice dislocations and their role in plasticity and work hardening. There can be few major developments in this field that he did not in some way leave his imprint on. He wielded enormous influence through his highly regarded monograph ?Theory of Crystal Dislocations?, his extensive editing activities, particularly on the encyclopedic series of books ?Dislocations in Solids?, and his innumerable personal ties. Nabarro grew up in the UK, and by the late 1930?s had obtained degrees in mathematics and physics from Oxford University. Initially guided by Neville Mott, he undertook calculations of the dependence of the flow stress of a crystal on solute atoms and precipitates, highlighting the role of the flexibility of the dislocations involved. With Herbert Fröhlich he investigated the orientation of nuclear spins in a metal. In 1940 he published four papers on these topics, and was launched on his research career. During World War II he worked for the British Army Operational Research Group, for which he was later awarded an MBE.

After the War he resumed his academic career at Bristol University and later Birmingham University, the latter conferring on him the degree of DSc in 1953. During this period he wrote a number of seminal papers which established his reputation. His research output continued unabated throughout his life, and he rose to a position of unrivalled leadership in his field. He contributed important ideas to many topics, including the elastic theory of dislocations (which forms the basis of his monograph), dislocation pileup, work and solution hardening, Harper-Dorn and diffusional creep, the Peierls-Nabarro stress (which he always referred to as the Peierls stress), the effect of elastic energy on the shape of precipitate particles, the interaction of sound waves with dislocations, and crystal whiskers. In recent years he turned his attention to creep resistant materials and rafting in superalloys which, with de Villiers, he surveyed in a monographHe has also published on quasicrystals, nematic liquid crystals, superconductivity, disclinations and biomaterials.

In 1953 Nabarro moved to South Africa to take up the position of Head of the Department of Physics at the University of the Witwatersrand. Within a few years he built up the department to significant strength in a number of areas. He served the University in various capacities, including a term as Deputy Vice Chancellor. During his tenure in that position he was responsible for drawing up the first academic plan of any South African University which prepared for the anticipated large influx of black students as the strictures of apartheid broke down.

He retired in 1984, but remained an active member of the University community, always generous with his time and wise counsel. Even as recently as May 2006 he chaired a meeting that brought together interested parties to discuss the desirability of establishing a local centre of excellence in biomaterials.

Nabarro had a significant input over many years in the development of physics and science as a whole in South Africa, through the active role he played in the SA Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of SA and Academy of Science of SA.

Nabarro?s energy and resilience were phenomenal, his intellectual vitality extraordinary. He never stopped being active in research, and currently has two papers in press, one with Shrivastava and Luyckx on ?The size effect in micro-indentation?, and the other a thoughtful essay on ?Creep in commercially pure metals?. He was editing Volumes 13 and 14 of ?Dislocations in Solids? when he passed away. He traveled extensively, attending conferences and giving lectures wherever he went. Even as recently as May 2006, despite deteriorating health, he visited China and India, bringing to completion a research project with an Indian collaborator and giving a number of talks.

Nabarro held visiting positions at a number of universities in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Israel and Switzerland. He was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Institute of Materials Platinum Medal and a number of honorary doctorates, and there were festschrifts in his honor. He was a Foreign Associate of the US Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the UK.

Arthur Every
School of Physics
University of the Witwatersrand

Current comments and reminiscences on Frank Reginald Nunes Nabarro:

Although I met Prof. Nabarro only relatively recently (during a visit to Michigan in 2002), his monographs on dislocations in crystals had been well known to me since my undergraduate days. We engaged in a correspondance about issues related to dislocations in molecular solids, an area where I remain particularly interested in my own research activity. I saw him again at the ICEM-15 meeting in Durban, South Africa.

David Martin
Ann Arbor, MI  
NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes (I1074)
195 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F388
196 Derrick D.W. Nabarro earned a D.C.M. in World War II. For an account of his escape from a prison camp, see [18] or [8 pp. 155-157]. Escape from Germany, Aidan Crawley. Her Majesty's Printing Office.1985. Wait For The Dawn, Derrick Nabarro. Cassell, 1952 NABARRO, Derrick D.W. (I582)
197 Derrick David William Nabarro was born in London. In 1941, his plane was shot down by the Germans and he was kept as a pow in several prison camps. After several attempts he managed to escape and succeeded in reaching England. He wrote an account of his escape in Wait for the Dawn (1952). Nabarro was also an economist.

Titles and year of publication:

1) The Rod of Anger (Also published as: Too Hard to Handle) 1953
2) The Seeds of Destruction 1954
3) The Chariot of Desire 1956
4) North from Singapore 1956 
NABARRO, Derrick D.W. (I582)
198 Descendants of Isaac Nunes Nabarro 1632 (Bertha Henriette b.1941 branch) Source (S110)
199 Descendants of Isaac Nunes Nabarro 1632 (Robertine Nunes Nabarro b.1946 branch) Source (S109)
200 Died at either six weeks or six months. NABARRO, Solomon (I2063)

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