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251 Henry Evan Seixas died in infancy. SEIXAS, Henry Evan (I1472)
252 Her birthdate is doubtful given her father's birthdate.  NABARRO, Lea (I199)
253 Her great grandmother is Kate Nabarro (b.1871) Source (S108)
254 Her name is questioned as to Sata or Sara. NABARRO, Sara (I201)
255 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I412)
256 Her sister, Antoinette "Toni" Harris, married her husband's brother, Peter Harris. HARRIS, Caryl (I553)
257 Her sister, Caryl Harris married her husband's brother, John Simon Harris. HARRIS, Antoinette (I545)
258 His family was listed as living in 20 Sandys Row, near the city, in the British 1891 Census. Family F137
259 Howard H. L. Seixas died in infancy. SEIXAS, Howard H. L. (I1490)
260 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I816)
261 I don't have the documents to prove that he is the father of the children listed here. They are taken
from [17:la] and [35]. The former contains a few people not found in the latter, but otherwise the two
sources are in perfect agreement, with a minor exception noted below. (In fact, both sources cite the Bevis
Marks records.) There is only one place, noted below, where [17:la] is inconsistent with [17:lb], and this
inconsistency, as will be explained, is not fatal.

- Jeff Adler 
NAVARRO, Jacob (I20)
262 If [17:19b] is wrong and she was actually born in 1886, then [21, #163] could be her birth record. No other birth record is an obvious candidate. NABARRO, Julia (I1064)
263 Ilan Engel works on the family farm in Yokneam. ENGEL, Ilan (I685)
264 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2044)
265 In her birth certificate, her mother is listed as ?Ethel Narbarro neŽe Fairman?. Neither her daughter
Shayne nor Jeffrey Adler yet know what to make of this. 
NABARRO, Elizabeth (I408)
266 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I825)
267 Industrial designer, entrepreneur, researcher and educator. At present founding chairman and CEO of design4all international design consortium, co-founder and president of Senior-Touch ltd. and co-founder of Scentcom ltd.

Winner of the World Technology Network Award 2009 in the field of design.

He is a practicing designer since 1970 and designed more than 700 products mainly in the field of advanced technologies. He is a professor of Industrial design at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology where he founded and was the former head of the graduate program in advanced design studies and design management.

Nabarro was an executive board member of ICSID, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design 1999-2003 and acts now as a regional advisor for ICSID.

Nabarro is the recipient of 24 Design awards and his design work has been exhibited in design exhibitions around the world.

Principle areas of research and interest are age friendly design, design management and design education. He is a frequent presenter in design and management conferences and seminars and the writer of articles on design for older adults and design management. Nabarro lectures and conducts workshops seminars and lectures on age friendly design in design and management schools around the world.

He is a jury member for many international design competitions like red dot design award in Germany, red dot award: design concept in Singapore, India financial times design award, Over 60 design award Singapore, and more.

He has appeared in many print publications over the years, and speaks regularly to a wide variety of audiences and has consulted to a wide variety of organizations. 
NABARRO, Ron (I645)
268 Info comes from Mrs. Bertha van Dam of Rotterdam; Bevis Marks, via Eric Nabarro; and English public records. Family F817
269 Information about his descendants comes from public records and other book sources. Yet it has also been stated that a source says that Salomon Nabarro had a brother who moved to England. married Lea Molgo daughter of Salomon Molgo and Gracia of David Vigevano. But on the book by Jeff Adler there is no entry for another brother other than Moses Nabarro who is married to Abigail de Isaac Jessurun Pinto. So it is assumed that Salomon Nabarro and Lea Molgo were married. NABARRO, Salomon (I200)
270 Information about his marriages and children are probably correct.
NABARRO, Philip (I769)
271 Information is not provable. According to the entry in Jeff Adler's book, Aron Nabarro MAY HAVE married Leentje Vos although not in Amsterdam. If so, then section 4.1 of Jeff's book refers to their descendants. Family F176
272 Inscription:
Beloved brother and uncle

Alae Cemetery
Hawaii County
Hawaii, USA
Plot: Section C-F-35A 
NABARRO, Lawrence (I2187)
273 Irene was briefly married, btu she later used her maiden name. She worked as a music teacher in Dublin and England. NABARRO, Irene (I361)
274 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2464)
275 Is he the same as his alleged brother, Israel? NABARRO, Isaac (Israel) (I242)
276 Isaac and Rachel are first cousins.
Family F30
277 Isaac Blits, his wife and their daughter perished in the war. Family F300
278 Isaac N. Cardoza fought in the War of 1812. CARDOZA, Isaac N. (I1255)
279 Isaac N. Cardozo's "Discourse on the Third Anniversary of the Reformed Society of Israelites" (1827) can be found in an appendix to "Biography of Isaac Harby", by L.C. Moise, published in 1931 by the Central Conference of American Rabbis or the R.L. Bryan Company, it's hard to tell which. He was a customs official in Charleston, South Carolina, for 24 years. CARDOZO, Isaac N. (I1243)
280 Isaac Nabarro must have died young, since no one seems to know him. NABARRO, Isaac Nunes (I623)
281 Isaac Nathan Cardozo dies young. His birthdate is questionable because it was never mentioned that he and Albert Jacob Cardozo are twins. CARDOZO, Isaac Nathan (I1407)
282 Isaac Nunez Cardozo and his wife Sarah Hart moved to Easron, Pennsylvania in 1799 Family F538
283 Isaac Solomon was married. SALOMON, Isaac (I759)
284 Isaac was deaf same with his sister Rifka and brother David. His wife, Leah, is also deaf. Leah lived till she was 99 years old and is buried in Golders Green.
Family F130
285 Isaac was deaf. NABARRO, Isaac (I223)
286 Isaac was deaf. NABARRO, Isaac Samuel (I765)
287 Jaar oud, geboren op 19-02-1817 te Amsterdam (born on February 19, 1817 in Amsterdam) NABARRO, Lea (I158)
288 Jack Leewarden was shot down in Germany in August 28, 1942 at the age of 25, so it is assumed that he was born in 1917.
LEEWARDEN, Jack (I571)
289 Jack Nabarro and Lilian Winifred Slade lived in Norwich, where he was leader of the BBC Midland Light Orchestra. Family F275
290 Jack Nunes Nabarro emigrated to South America in 1935. NABARRO, Jacob Samuel Nunes (I872)
291 Jacob is deaf. NABARRO, Jacob (I762)
292 Jacob Nunez Cardozo is an econmist, newspaper editor, and publisher. He wrote "Notes on Political Economy" (Charleston: A.E. Miller, 1826) which was republished by Augustus M. Kelly (New York) in the series "Reprints of Economic Classics" in 1960. He was an early proponent of the theory that, because of future technological improvements, resources are not as limited as they seem. For more information, see MElvin M. Leiman, "Jacob N. Cardozo; economic thought in the antebellum South", New York: Columbia University Press, 1966.

"Dictionary of American Biography. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1928" has an extensive bibliography. 
CARDOZO, Jacob Nunez (I1240)
293 Jacqueline Hipperson was said to have married and has children, but there is not record of her husband's or her children's names. She lives in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. HIPPERSON, Jacqueline (I422)
294 Jazz vocalist Emma Nabarro-Steel has spent almost a decade performing and recording jazz standards with many of the UK's finest jazz musicians. An improvising vocalist who was raised as an instrumentalist, she has been described as a "a jazz singing natural" and "a fresh jazz singer who floats a song lyric without losing her grip on it" (manchester evening news). Born in Nottingham, UK, and now based in Leeds, BBC Radio 4 bestowed on her the proud title of "Yorkshire's Ella Fitzgerald" after a 2006 performance on Woman's Hour. Indeed, her individual tone belies the influence of the 'great' jazz singers of the 20th century, not least the fabulous Ella. But musical experiences have been eclectic from childhood, embracing classical music and heavy metal. She is a pianist, and has recorded compositions for voice and piano. She has produced several CD's, the most recent, Unphotographable, having been released in 2006, shortly before daughter Mia arrived to curtail, for a while atleast, nights spent gigging in far flung venues. NABARRO-STEEL, Emma Joan (I403)
295 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F614
296 Jeanette Peper and Alfredo I. Neurauter moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Family F373
297 Jeff Adler's Book says that Columbus is the brother of a certain Eleanor Moise. There are multiple entries for an Eleanor Moise but none suits the relation nor is he listed as brother to any Eleanor Moise. MOISE, Columbus (I1552)
298 Jeffrey Adler is assuming for now that this is true, since some Mozes of David Nabarro married Clara Kat in 1900
at the age of 23. 
Family F959
299 Jesaia moved to England at the age of 15, continuing on two years later to the United States, where he lived until 1919.  NABARRO, Jesaia Nunes (I628)
300 Joel Cohen suffered a serious wartime injury, which proved fatal a few years later. COHEN, Joel (I713)

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