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Sobibor, Poland


Latitude: 51.4771753, Longitude: 23.6374703


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE VRIES, Leentje  16 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I2352
2 HUISMAN, Sophia  21 May 1943Sobibor, Poland I2004
3 NABARRO, Anna  30 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I2251
4 NABARRO, Branca  30 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I276
5 NABARRO, David  16 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I2152
6 NABARRO, Elisabeth  11 Jun 1943Sobibor, Poland I2500
7 NABARRO, Esther Nunes  23 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I2538
8 NABARRO, Isaac  16 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I2150
9 NABARRO, Isaac Nunes  9 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I2536
10 NABARRO, Johan Nunes  28 May 1943Sobibor, Poland I2540
11 NABARRO, Kaatje  21 May 1943Sobibor, Poland I2355
12 NABARRO, Leonora  30 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I1997
13 NABARRO, Lina Nunes  23 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I2534
14 NABARRO, Meyer Nunes  9 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I626
15 NABARRO, Mietje  16 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I2155
16 NABARRO, Mozes  23 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I2449
17 NABARRO, Nico Abraham  16 Jul 1943Sobibor, Poland I2356
18 NABARRO, Rachel  16 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I2145
19 NABARRO, Rebecca  6 Jun 1943Sobibor, Poland I627
20 NABARRO, Rosetta  9 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I2498
21 RICARDO, Aaron Israel Ricardo  Sobibor, Poland I658
22 ROODENBURG, Hans  30 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I2270
23 ROODENBURG, Hijman  30 Apr 1943Sobibor, Poland I2269