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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands


Latitude: 52.3738007, Longitude: 4.8909347


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AANDAGT, Kaatje  24 Oct 1868Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I258
2 ADELAAR, Jetta  1 Mar 1896Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2271
3 BROMET, Jacob  15 Feb 1917Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2357
4 COHN, Judith Sharon  20 Apr 1964Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I667
5 CORPER, Salomon  3 Jan 1888Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2131
6 DE ZAMORA, Simcha  1673Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I81
7 ESPINOZA, Esther  15 Mar 1876Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I300
8 GRANAAT, Joseph  26 Jun 1892Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2097
9 ISRAEL RICARDO, David  1810Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I234
10 ISRAEL RICARDO, Hannah  1851Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I233
11 KLEEREKOPER, Sarah  1858Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I337
12 KORPER, Branca  14 Jan 1808Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I243
13 KRONE, Camille  16 Jan 1948Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I669
14 LEEWARDEN, Aaron  5 Feb 1877Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I458
15 NABARRO, Aaron Nunes  25 Jul 1858Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I204
16 NABARRO, Abigael  19 Jul 1886Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2129
17 NABARRO, Abigael Nunes  20 Nov 1886Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I210
18 NABARRO, Abigail  13 Jan 1888Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2132
19 NABARRO, Abraham  12 Aug 1868Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I257
20 NABARRO, Abraham  25 Aug 1872Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I296
21 NABARRO, Abraham  6 Aug 1874Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I278
22 NABARRO, Abraham  6 Mar 1895Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2250
23 NABARRO, Abraham  22 Apr 1902Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2278
24 NABARRO, Abraham  13 May 1915Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2285
25 NABARRO, Abraham  3 Apr 1918Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2353
26 NABARRO, Adele  23 Feb 1890Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I574
27 NABARRO, Anna  13 Oct 1896Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2141
28 NABARRO, Anna  20 Oct 1899Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2251
29 NABARRO, Anna Nunes  2 Mar 1914Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2539
30 NABARRO, Aron David  12 Feb 1884Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2060
31 NABARRO, Aron David  8 Apr 1891Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I578
32 NABARRO, Aron Nunes  1729Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I187
33 NABARRO, Aron Nunes  2 Jun 1800Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I197
34 NABARRO, Aron Nunes  19 Okt 1829Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2543
35 NABARRO, Asfer  27 Jul 1880Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2130
36 NABARRO, Bernardus Johannes  22 Jul 1943Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2111
37 NABARRO, Bertha  26 Jun 1919Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2354
38 NABARRO, Branca  28 Dec 1890Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2450
39 NABARRO, Catharina  18 Jan 1906Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2281
40 NABARRO, David  5 Aug 1839Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I229
41 NABARRO, David  31 Aug 1890Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2249
42 NABARRO, David  11 Aug 1893Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2247
43 NABARRO, David  1 Mar 1897Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2152
44 NABARRO, David  2 Sep 1900Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2143
45 NABARRO, David J. N.  1954Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I1097
46 NABARRO, David Nunes  11 Apr 1764Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I190
47 NABARRO, David Nunes  18 Jun 1802Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I216
48 NABARRO, David Nunes  22 May 1825Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2532
49 NABARRO, David Nunes  2 Oct 1884Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2169
50 NABARRO, Debora  1949Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I1095

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Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AANDAGT, Kaatje  1942Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I258
2 ADELAAR, Jetta  7 Feb 1940Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2271
3 COHEN, Fronica  22 Apr 1921Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I205
4 KLEEREKOPER, Sarah  1925Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I337
5 NABARRO, Abraham  22 Dec 1908Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2278
6 NABARRO, Abraham  1 Jun 1927Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I278
7 NABARRO, Aron David  20 Sep 1933Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2060
8 NABARRO, Asfer  7 Apr 1905Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2130
9 NABARRO, Branca  29 Jun 1927Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2450
10 NABARRO, Catharina  4 Jul 1986Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2281
11 NABARRO, Doodgeboren  19 May 1881Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2127
12 NABARRO, Duifje  26 Mar 1904Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2144
13 NABARRO, Elisabeth  9 Feb 1995Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2153
14 NABARRO, Emanuel  6 Apr 1931Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2146
15 NABARRO, Jacob  ‎23 Jul 1897Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2151
16 NABARRO, Lea  30 Dec 1868Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I158
17 NABARRO, Louis  2 May 1906Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2277
18 NABARRO, Maurits  19 Apr 1906Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2280
19 NABARRO, Maurits  1929Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I336
20 NABARRO, Mozes Nunes  17 Sep 1920Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I212
21 NABARRO, Salomon  20 Feb 1923Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2276
22 NABARRO, Salomon  21 Feb 1942Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2142
23 NABARRO, Sientje  10 Nov 1911Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2147
24 QUERIDO, Emanuel de Abraham  24 Dec 1892Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2401
25 VAN BIENEN, Dina  21 Oct 1992Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 NABARRO, Abraham  14 Jun 1918Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2353
2 NABARRO, Rebecca Nunes  6 Sep 1920Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands I2533


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Querido / Nabarro  20 Jul 1836Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F836
2 Blits / Nabarro  7 Mar 1907Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F299
3 Fundao / Senior  1656Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F815
4 Nabarro / Adelaar  7 Jun 1923Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F874
5 Nabarro / cohen  19 Aug 1880Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F120
6 Nabarro / de Isaac Jessurun Pinto  2 Sep 1857Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F119
7 Nabarro / de la Fuente  1816Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F939
8 Nabarro / Gazan  18 Mar 1868Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F154
9 Nabarro / Reemst  26 Jun 1947Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F182
10 Nabarro / van Kleef  6 Apr 1910Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F301
11 Petrus Schilt / Nabarro  2 May 1907Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F179
12 Prikker / Nabarro  4 Dec 1913Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F838
13 Querido / Nabarro  20 Jul 1836Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F923
14 Ritmeester / Nabarro  1892Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F158
15 van Gelder / Nabarro  11 Apr 1888Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F187


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Prikker / Nabarro  4 May 1924Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands F838