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Hilo, Hawaii, USA


Latitude: 19.7297222, Longitude: -155.09


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MASUNO, Joseph Jr  1982Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2219
2 MASUNO, Kaulana  1984Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2221
3 MCNICOLL, Diana  1 Apr 1941Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2222
4 NABARRO, Brenda  12 May 1962Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2213
5 NABARRO, Carling Jr  22 Nov 1971Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2226
6 NABARRO, Carylee  12 Jul 1964Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2223
7 NABARRO, Dennis Kamaka  21 Apr 1961Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2198
8 NABARRO, Edwin Kikino 3rd  7 Aug 1969Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2200
9 NABARRO, Hazel Hattie  16 Oct 1970Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2225
10 NABARRO, Jasmine  27 Oct 1945Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2189
11 NABARRO, Jobette  8 Mar 1985Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2229
12 NABARRO, Jocelyn Leimoni  4 Aug 1955Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2212
13 NABARRO, John Kamilo  6 Feb 1955Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2196
14 NABARRO, John Kamilo  25 Jul 1971Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2202
15 NABARRO, Lylis Ann  15 Jul 1952Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2190
16 NABARRO, Nona  21 Feb 1953Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2195
17 NABARRO, Robby Keolani  6 Jul 1970Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2201
18 NABARRO, Robert  8 Sep 1943Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2188
19 NABARRO, Sandra Lee  24 Apr 1954Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2211
20 NABARRO, Wayne Apana  16 Jan 1958Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2197
21 SASAHARA, Ginger Lehun  28 Apr 1976Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2206
22 SASAHARA, Rondalyn Maile  6 Jan 1974Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2205
23 SWANEY, Robert Lyman  1 Aug 1946Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2330
24 WILSON, Caleb  15 Nov 1983Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2217
25 WILSON, Jared Kalei  9 Dec 1978Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2215
26 WILSON, Nathan  26 Nov 1981Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2216


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KAUPU, Hattie  31 Jan 1956Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2179
2 LEE, Kim Ling  8 May 1984Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2210
3 NABARRO, Carling Sr  4 Apr 1999Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2186
4 NABARRO, Masalino  23 Mar 1993Hilo, Hawaii, USA I2184


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nabarro / McNicoll  5 Nov 1963Hilo, Hawaii, USA F858