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Memorial - Nabarro, Jacob Nunes

Bevis marks memorial

This is the war memorial outside Bevis Marks synagogue in the City of London: the oldest purpose-built synagogue in Britain.

If you look at many British war memorials youíll find a list of the names from the First World War One in a large font, and then the names from the Second World War tacked on to the end, as if the builders hadnít thought that more space would ever be needed. However, that hasnít happened here, and each group gets equal weight.

As an exercise in dry statistical research, pay a visit to a few war memorials local to you and count up the figures killed in each of the world wars. Almost always, the figure killed in the later conflict is about a quarter (not a fifth or a third) of the earlier conflict. I donít know why this is but it does seem to be largely true, have a look for yourself. This, however, is the exception. The second list is half the size of the first. I suppose weíll never know whether this is a statistical anomaly or whether the men in the second list were undertaking especially hazardous tasks.

Nor, I suppose, will we know the family relationships between the two groups: were Jacob and Jack Sarfaty father and son? The same question for Hyman and Henry Valencia. Certainly all of these people must have been related.

There should not be any distinction between any of the people on this memorial, but one of them, Frank De Pass, won the Victoria Cross (Britainís highest medal of valour). His citation could perhaps stand for all of them, try to read past the unemotional text and imagine the hand-to-hand fighting that was involved.

ďde PASS, Frank Alexander (323rd recipient of the Victoria Cross).
Lieutenant 34th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse, Indian Army.
Born on 26th April, 1887 at London. Died on 25th November, 1914 at Festubert, France. Memorial at Bethune Town Cemetery, France.
Digest of Citation reads: On 24th November, 1914 near, Festubert, France, Lieutenant de Pass entered into a German Sap (a covered trench) and destroyed a traverse in the face of the enemy's bombs. Subsequently he rescued, under heavy fire, a wounded man who was lying exposed to enemy bullets in the open. Lieutenant de Pass lost his life in a second attempt to capture the Sap, which had been reoccupied by the enemy.Ē


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